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During his teenage years in Hong Kong, Ohad participated in singing competitions, placing 3rd in Star Factor (2009) and winning Yrock POP (2013).


He was invited to sing in various music festivals in Hong Kong (Clockenflap, Picnic in the Park), was a recurring guest on RTHK Radio 1 & 3, was featured as a soloist on the album Music Kreation II (sold in Hong Kong and Taiwan), and attained several musical theatre credits (Annie, Oliver!, Spring Awakening).

OHAD, Ohad Ashkenazi singer headshot looking to the right

Ohad Ashkenazi (27) is a singer-songwriter from Israel, who brings eclectic flavor into the indie niche - a Pop/Soul/RnB salad. His music screams a message of self-love, sexual freedom, and emotional articulation:


Own who you are. Know your value. Add tax.

Israeli-born and Hong Kong-raised, OHAD’s musical education is reflected in his body of work, which he likes to call 'fan art':


"I'm aware that my upbringing was very privileged," he says, "I'm bi-lingual and I've been fortunate enough to have been influenced by Western, Eastern, and Middle Eastern cultures - this definitely impacted my style. The musical library inside my brain is vast, this gives me a lot to play with! I just try to play with awareness and respect for the cultures from which it came."

OHAD, Ohad Ashkenazi singer in concert Tel Aviv, Israel

Following his return to Israel, OHAD continued his musical education at Rimon School of Music, where he continued performing - opening for Israeli singer Adi Ulmansky, sharing the stage with Israeli legends Yehoram Gaon, Shlomit Aharon, and Ohad Hitman, performing in Israeli music festivals as a featured soloist (Yearot Menashe, London in Tel Aviv), and as of 2019, as a solo artist with his own music - both in Hebrew and English. Today, he is finishing up his studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.

After 60K streams on Spotify, 122K views on YouTube, radio & music festival appearances in Israel and Hong Kong, and two self-released EPs, OHAD is building his brand on his own terms.

His debut Hebrew EP, 'It's not you, It's me', dropped March 10th, 2021.

His debut English EP, 'Show Me', dropped May 19th, 2021.

Stream Ohad to get your daily dose of confidence and self-love.

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