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How I found Science-Based Learning

My love for singing bloomed when I started performing at a young age - in musicals, singing competitions, hotel bars, and restaurants - and grew even stronger during my professional development as a vocalist at Rimon School of Music (Israel), and Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA).


In both of my programs I learned about voice function, vocal technique, and wellness - and though I learned a lot, the experience was... Incomplete. The concepts discussed in class were outdated and racially biased, leaning heavily on western traditional practices. 


But I was a contemporary singer - classical technique wasn't very helpful to me. I knew I had to further my knowledge to find the answers I was searching for.


When I was exposed to evidence-based functional training through the Maddie Tarbox Vocal Studio - my voice changed quick. It's true what they say: "The shortest distance between two points is a straight line". I noticed in my studio how my students were seeing quick, dramatic results and I knew there was no going back.


It is now my mission to share these tools with the vocal athletes I meet along their way, helping them build their own unique relationship between technique, artistry and health.

Group Workshops

90-minute workshops for your school, theatre club, corporate team building event, or teacher training conference.

Modular for all age groups and levels, highly interactive, and tons of fun!

Interested in a workshop? fill out the form below!

*Teacher Training workshops are also available virtually*

Ohad Ashkenazi vocal coach at group workshp - Rimon school of music Israe
Ohad Ashkenazi vocal coach teaching student to sing

Private Coaching

Private 60-minute lessons with me - available both in-person (Boston, MA) or virtually.


Together we will de-mystify how the voice functions and build an individualized training program for you according to your personal goals.

We will also work on our artistry - finding your unique style and nurturing your self-expression.

Ready to start? Fill out the form below:

Smooth English Singing

As a bilingual singer and voice teacher, I understand from experience how difficult it is just to navigate your day in your second language, let alone sing.

And in today's industry, mastery of spoken English is crucial.

If you're a non-native English speaker, I offer specialized lessons and individually tailored practice plans designed to help you sing freely in English and sound natural.

Yuval Ronen, - Herzliya, IL

"I seriously could not recommend Ohad enough to anyone considering learning vocal training.

I’ve been learning with him for the past year and felt the improvement. He puts an emphasis on finding what works for you as a student, explains the scientific background behind everything, and gives out organized and personalized worksheets for exercise throughout the week that help sharpen your skills and develop them.

If you want to learn with a teacher who cares and will do anything to make sure you get to your goals, Ohad is your guy."

Take It From The Students!

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