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How I found Science-Based Learning

My love for singing bloomed when I started performing at a young age - in musicals, singing competitions, hotel bars, and restaurants - and grew even stronger during my professional development as a vocalist at Rimon School of Music (Israel), and Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA).


In both of my programs I learned about voice function, vocal technique, and wellness - and though I learned a lot, the experience was... Incomplete. The concepts discussed in class were outdated and racially biased, leaning heavily on western traditional practices. 


But I was a contemporary singer - classical technique wasn't very helpful to me. I knew I had to further my knowledge to find the answers I was searching for.


When I was exposed to evidence-based functional training through the Maddie Tarbox Vocal Studio - my voice changed quick. It's true what they say: "The shortest distance between two points is a straight line". I noticed in my studio how my students were seeing quick, dramatic results and I knew there was no going back.


It is now my mission to share these tools with the vocal athletes I meet along their way, helping them build their own unique relationship between technique, artistry and health.

The Science of Singing



Group Workshops

90-minute workshops for your school, theatre club, corporate team building event, or teacher training conference.

Modular for all age groups and levels, highly interactive, and tons of fun!

Interested in a workshop? fill out the form below!

*Teacher Training workshops are also available virtually*

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Private Coaching

Private 60-minute lessons with me - available both in-person (Boston, MA) or virtually.


Together we will de-mystify how the voice functions and build an individualized training program for you according to your personal goals.

We will also work on our artistry - finding your unique style and nurturing your self-expression.

Ready to start? Fill out the form below:

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